How do you make mushroom tea?

The process for making mushroom tea starts at preparing the mushrooms to be brewed. It will take about 15 minutes for you to prepare and brew your tea before consuming it.

Step 1: Grind the mushrooms

To get the most of your tea, you need to break your dried mushrooms into small pieces. The closer to a powder you can get, the better. You can accomplish this by crushing and chopping your mushrooms manually. However, you will increase the amount of psilocybin you are able to extract if you use a coffee or cannabis grinder for the job. If using a grinder, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry the equipment before and after using it.

Step 2: Choose your tea

For the next step, select your tea to brew along with the mushrooms. Here you can go by flavour or by medicinal property. For instance, peppermint and ginger are two herbal teas that have natural anti-nausea properties, which may be important to someone that usually struggles with digesting dried mushrooms on their own. While the sky is your limit in terms of flavour, it’s best to stick to herbal teas as caffeine that naturally appears in black and green teas can interact with the high and increase anxiety – you can also add honey to soothe your stomach.

(Some herbal good options to start with are chamomile, passion flower, ginger and lavender.)

Step 3: Prepare the water

You can use any water of any boiling or near-boiling temperature to make your tea. Chlorine in tap water is damaging to LSD, but has no damaging effects on psilocybin. If your kettle has a thermometer, using a temperature of 190 degrees is what’s preferred for brewing the herbal tea that you will be using as the base for the mushrooms.

While some people prefer the taste of filtered water to make their mushroom tea, this is a personal preference and not a requisite to hot water.

Step 4: Monitor the brew

Once you’ve added mushrooms, the teabag and boiling water to your mug, cover it with a small plate to keep the heat in and let it steep. Your tea will take about 10 minutes to brew. You can set a timer and use this time to ground yourself and prepare for the experience to come. Consider doing some meditation, stretching, or a gratitude exercise as you wait for your tea to brew.

If you own a french press, you can also brew the tea directly in the glass or metal vessel instead of using a mug.

Step 5: Discard the mushrooms

Once your tea has brewed, the remaining mushroom pieces have been drained of psilocybin. Discard the herbal tea and mushroom pieces by straining them and allow the tea to cool to a comfortable temperature. Your tea is ready to consume.

Keep in mind that drinking the tea slowly will result in a more gentle transition to a high, while finishing it quickly is likely to result in a more abrupt come up.

Step 6: Store the leftovers

If you find yourself with more mushroom tea than you need,  you can store it in the fridge for a few days and can be consumed cold or hot. You can also put it in the freezer for longer storage and use it to make iced tea in the future. Keep in mind that the tea will gradually lose potency the longer you store it.

Another method of preparing mushrooms for consumption is using lemon juice, which can increase the intensity of your.

How do you make mushroom tea?

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