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Grow your own magic mushrooms at home with magic mushroom grow kit. Each tub provides multiple flushes of fruiting bodies in a matter of weeks. Gone are the days of scouring woodlands and pastures—or relying on shady dealers—to acquire a dose of goodness!

Our selection of grow kits offers something for everyone. If you’re new to magic mushrooms, try out one of our less potent strains for a gentle introduction. In contrast, you’ll need something a little stronger if you want to blast off and explore alternate dimensions. You’ll get a general idea of the potency of each strain by reading the description of a particular grow kit.

In order to grow mushrooms, a suitable substrate must be inoculated and colonized by the fungus. This step requires sterility because the substrate contains no preservatives and can be overrun by any mold or bacteria that is present. This first step takes place in canning jars prepared in your home’s kitchen. It uses brown rice flour and vermiculite which are both readily available.A substrate is prepared, placed in the canning jars and sterilized with heat. After the jars cool, they are inoculated with a spore syringe.This phase of the cycle can be completed for less than $25 and will produce enough substrate to yield many ounces of dried mushrooms.

How to Use Mushroom Grow Kit

(1) For fruiting, place mushroom kit at ambient fruiting temperature range. Once fully colonized, make four staggered incisions in form of crosses 1” x 1”, one on each side of the bag.
(2) Place kit in large recipient or aquarium. Keep kit moist. Regularly spray with water or use humidifier to maintain humidity. Alternatively, place kit on an elevated surface, e.g. stand and place water underneath or use water-saturated perlite or vermiculite.
(3) Primordia should appear at the incision sites. If primordia appear elsewhere, the very top of the bag may be removed and/or incisions made without harming them to allow growth.
(4) Harvesting should be completed when mushrooms are young and caps’ margins have not lifted. One can get 3+ flushes of mushrooms. Between flushes mushroom kit should be allowed to rest in darkness and preferably below fruiting temperature for 4 to 7 days. After the resting period kit should be resaturated by either heavy spraying or dunking in water. Drain excess water.

Which Mushroom Grow Kit Should You Buy

At Magic Mushroom Club, you can purchase one of two different kinds of magic mushroom grow kits. Our main product is grow kits for Psilocybe cubensis. The easiest to cultivate and best suited for indoor growth, this species produces excellent results with little work. There are numerous strains of this species to pick from.

Some, like Golden Teacher, are easy to grow, offer great yields, and more gentle effects. Strains like this are most suited to beginners. At the other end of the cubensis scale is McKennaii, thought to be among the strongest magic mushrooms in the world. These shrooms will make you trip incredibly hard, and are advised for more experienced users.

We provide grow kits for Panaeolus cyanescens in addition to cubensis (Copelandia). These are thought to be some of the toughest mushrooms on earth. Only experienced psychonauts are advised to try these because they are challenging to cultivate but provide an experience unlike any other.

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