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Mushroom Chocolate Bars | Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars for Sale

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Chocolate and mushrooms might not seem like an obvious pairing at first. But these two superfoods have a whole lot to offer when they team up. And the benefits of chocolate and mushrooms affect your body as much as your taste buds.

So if you want another excuse to eat more chocolate, and mushrooms for that matter, read on. This will break down the individual benefits of chocolate and mushrooms, and the nutritional powerhouse they create when they work together.

Shroom chocolate is tastier than consuming shrooms on their own. They still provide the same high without the raw method of absorption. Because most chocolate products contain a consistent and controlled amount of magic mushrooms you also have a minimal risk of overdosing – you just need to follow the labeled directions.

The Benefits Of Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Before we can discuss how chocolate and mushrooms work together to support your body, we need to talk about their individual benefits. By now, you’ve probably heard about some of the incredible benefits of mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries for health and well-being. And it’s no surprise, if you were to list the health benefits of mushrooms, it would be quite lengthy.

Although, each type of mushroom is unique and provides its distinct health benefits. They can help with everything from stress management to cognitive support

It’s fast-acting

The onset time for most psilocybin edibles tends to be within 30-45 minutes but there are ways to shave further minutes off that time. Simply leave the edible in your mouth and don’t swallow it for a few minutes.

The comedown is smoother

Because the absorption of the psilocybin is more uniform, your comedown from ingesting shroom chocolate is a lot smoother than that experienced from raw ingestion.

You control the length and intensity of your trip

Typical psilocybin edibles last half as long as raw magic mushrooms. Combined with a shorter onset time, this makes controlling the length and intensity of your trip a lot easier.

They’re easier to microdose

Psychedelic microdosing has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years. It’s the practice of using sub-threshold doses of psychedelic drugs to improve a range of issues including treating depression or anxiety. Psilocybin edibles are much easier to microdose than their raw counterparts. This is because you can measure exactly what’s going into each bar of chocolate.

Mushroom Chocolate Bars Is the future

Benefits to one’s health and wellbeing are provided by magic mushrooms. They can facilitate a smooth trip or a successful microdosing campaign when combined with chocolate.

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