Mushroom Tea

Shroom Tea | Magic Mushroom Tea

Shroom Tea or Magic mushroom tea is nothing new for psychedelics. You may stay healthier with a balanced diet, enough sleep, and regular exercise, yet occasionally our bodies do not get enough of either. In this regard, a daily supplement regimen that includes functional mushrooms can be beneficial. However, we need natural supplements that might be most helpful to us when it comes to bolstering our immune systems. Well, using a synergistic combination of mushroom species can provide several health benefits.

Mushrooms are a low-carb, more-fiber, and protein-packed option for your diet. But they also comprise many bioactive compounds and minerals necessary to our immune system. So, let’s discover the benefits of the different mushrooms that Malama Mushrooms produces.

Benefits Of Mushroom Tea

It’s likely that our ancestors also caught onto the fact that putting the mushrooms in tea makes the experience more enjoyable and can even curb the nausea that sometimes accompanies the consumption of dried mushrooms by making it easier on your stomach. In addition, creating a tea base gives you the flexibility of adding other ingredients that can affect your trip in different ways. Making shroom tea is a great way to control and customise your next trip with psilocybe cubensis

Shroom Tea and Immune System

Some mushroom species include bioactive substances with to stimulate the immune system to fight against certain diseases, such as polysaccharides, PSP, proteins, and terpenoids, all of which can improve immunological health. Mushrooms also have immune-supporting properties. Additionally, mushrooms contain beta-glucans. These polysaccharides are present in the fungus cell walls of functioning mushrooms. By activating a portion of the immune system that increases macrophages, beta-glucans promote the host immunological response. White blood cells called macrophages are able to recognise, break down, and ultimately destroy dangerous germs, protecting the body from infections and other severe diseases.

What do you need to make shroom tea?

By making mushrooms into tea, you are making your own psilocybin extract. While this sounds complicated at first, you may be surprised to discover that making your own shroom tea doesn’t involve elaborate equipment. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you likely already have everything you need in your kitchen.

  • 1-3.5g of dried magic mushrooms (based on your tolerance)
  • 1 cannabis or coffee grinder
  • 1 mesh strainer or paper coffee filter
  • 1 tea bag in a variety of your choosing
  • honey or sugar to add sweetness
  • 1 cup or mug
  • 1 kettle
How To Make Mushroom tea

Step 1: Grind the mushrooms
Step 2: Choose your tea
Step 3: Prepare the water
Step 4: Monitor the brew
Step 5: Discard the mushrooms
Step 6: Store the leftovers


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